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Public Auction-ON-Site in Munday Texas
1.  Amerson Home--1131 West I. Street 
2.  Bowden Home-- 231 North 3rd St
DATE:  Saturday, MAY 18           TIME:   9:00 a.m.
(doors open at 8:00 at both locations)
We will start at,1131 W I. Street, with the Shirley Amerson home, 
immediately following with Bowden on 231 North 3rd St.  

The office for the auction will be at the Amerson home.  Please register and payout at this location.  Driver's license and Credit Card is required to register. Place absentee bids on the Bid Page above or leave message 940.553.1685. 

**Preview will be on Friday, May 17, from 3:30-5:30.  

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